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Routine care

Dental care is just as important for pets as it is for humans! An unhealthy mouth can cause discomfort and can increase their risk for illnesses such as heart and liver disease. Good oral health starts at home with routine brushing and the use of tartar control treats such as oravet or greenies. It is very common for pets to need a routine teeth cleaning at some point in their life. We use the same scaling and polishing equipment that your human dentist uses to clean your teeth. Unfortunately, we can't ask our patients to sit calmly while we freshen them up, so we use a general anesthesia to keep your pet safe and calm during a teeth cleaning. During the procedure we scale off all the plaque and tartar (the hard stuff plaque turns into) and clean just under the gum line to help resolve gingivitis. This will greatly improve the health of your pets teeth and prevent root decay. Preventative dental cleanings are great for improving your pets bad breath.Your pets oral health is extremely important for their overall health, especially as they age. Make an appointment for a dental consultation today!

Non-Routine Care

Occasionally some of our patients will require teeth extraction or other types of oral surgery. We offer a variety of services for these patients. These patients also have their teeth cleaned and polished while they are under anesthesia. 

All of our patients receive an IV catheter and IV fluids while having a procedure done. They are constantly monitored by one of our technicians using state of the art monitoring equipment.

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Awesome people amazing bedside manner I would highly recommend them.

Richard S.
Tolland, CT
From the initial phone call to the actual appointment, Fenton River Vet staff were so very kind and compassionate. It wasn't a happy ending for my Magnolia, however staff stood shoulder to shoulder with me and made the difficult decision I had to make, bearable. Thank you so much.
Elaine M. 
Tolland CT
My wife and I were so impressed with the staff at Fenton River. The technicians were friendly, knowledgeable and caring. The Dr. kept us informed each step of the way, which provided us great comfort. We highly recommend this Veterinary Hospital.
Bill Y.
Tolland CT
Staff was so friendly and treatment offered was a conservative approach, they weren't trying to push expensive tests. A big plus that they can do x-rays on-site and also run bloodwork on-site and you get results while you're still there!
Heather R.
Tolland CT